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Sit back and listen to an in-depth interview with Gifford Watkins

Founder and CEO Gifford Watkins, BSc, MA, MDiv

"I wanted to offer something better than HTML so I searched for months for the right CMS and found DotNetNuke. For the last ten+ years I've built 100s of portals and turned over the keys; setting non-technical people free from technical conventions."

Gifford is one of twenty-four DotNetNuke MVPs world-wide.

Gifford is the architect behind bringing the principals of Atlantic Web Fitters together and brings a highly informed background in business flow technology, web services and human relations. Gifford’s strengths include his personal communication skills and capacity to evaluate business processes in order to educate potential clients on the value of DotNetNuke web services to their businesses.

Gifford is a DotNetNuke MVP and speaks at Day of DotNetNuke events, spoke at the first DoDNN event in the United States; founded the Nova Scotia DotNetNuke User Group and hosted the first DoDNN event in Canada.

Speaking engagements:

  • April 2007 Halifax, Nova Scotia - CIPS Annual Dinner
  • June 2009 Tampa, Florida - 1st Day of DotNetNuke
  • March 2011 Orlando, Florida - Day of DotNetNuke/Orlando Code Camp
  • June 2011 Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1st Canadian Day of DotNetNuke
  • November, 2011, Walt Disney World - DotNetNuke World
  • January, 2012, Podcamp Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • April, 2012, SDN Amsterdam, Zeist, The Netherlands
  • June 2012, Charlotte, North Carolina, Day of DotNetNuke
  • April 2013, Charlotte, North Carolina, Day of DotNetNuke
  • July, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Code Camp
  • May 2015, Millau, France, DNN Connect

DotNetNuke (DNN)

MIT Open Source

A permanent (Internet/Intranet) web portal solution for growing businesses.

We are DotNetNuke specialists:

DNN is the world’s leading web application framework for the Microsoft stack (MS Server, SQL Server, ASP, IIS).  The open source platform is easy to use, extensible and powers over one million portals globally.  Our founder, Gifford Watkins supports the DNN community by speaking at conferences world-wide. Contact us (click here) today and see if you can benefit.