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DotNetNuke Breadcrumb, how to change the word "Root" to "Home"

By Gifford on 9/21/2015

After some lengthy investigation (and a fair bit of frustration); I was able to find out how to change the breadcrumb display from showing "Root" (which is the home page) to "Home" (which makes more sense to your website visitors).  It can't be done via CSS, or even by changing the ASCX files.  It has to be done through the Language Editor (and hey, this should save you a ton of time rooting through there!).

1. Go to Admin\ Languages 

2. browse Resources - 

3. change 
< a href='{0}' class='{1}' >Root< /a > 
< a href='{0}' class='{1}' >Home< /a >
*remove spaces in the 'a' anchor tags.

(I found this tip on DNN Creative... for more about DotNetNuke Breadcrumbs, click this link!)

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