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SQL Script to get user account data from DotNetNuke...

By Gifford on 1/23/2019

Login as Host, go to Host > SQL and paste the following script.  Once it runs (I've only tested this on DNN 07.04.02 (216))  you'll see a green success notification on the page and the table of user data will appear below. I suggest copying and pasting into your favorite spreadsheet program, because clicking the icon to Save Query prompts you to name your query, and then save it and you'd think you'd get a prompt to download a usable file, csvs are always easy, but it doesn't download, so you'd think that it might save a copy of the query results to the server, maybe in the root. I even looked in there, and searched Admin and Host File Managers... the icon just saves the query so you can run it again later in the loader. lol.

Open Source and Commercial Hotcakes eCommerce Support Now Available...

By Gifford on 7/18/2017

Looking for Hotcakes Support (for both open source and commercial editions)?  Talk to us... 

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Deleting Spam Registration Users from DotNetNuke using SQL

By Gifford on 7/12/2017

Sebastian Leopold explains how to soft and hard delete spam registration users...

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How to Fix Security Roles (Managed Services) Not Showing Up As Public Roles in DotNetNuke (DNN7, DNN8)?

By Gifford on 9/22/2016

Security Roles (Manage Services) Not Working? Here is the fastest fix that ever fixed a bug in DotNetNuke (DNN7, DNN8)! Thank you Sebastian Leupold (TurboScripts for DNN)

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Adding PayPal "Buy Now" buttons to DotNetNuke

By Gifford on 4/23/2016

Yup... it's true... the HTML PayPal generates does not work with DotNetNuke because there is a tag.

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DotNetNuke Community Hangout (Playlist)

By Gifford on 9/24/2015
Join Will Strohl and Joe Brinkman for the monthly DNN Community Hangout... (watch the series here)
DotNetNuke Tips

DotNetNuke for Beginners (by Vinoth Kumar)

By Gifford on 9/22/2015

Lots of people ask, "What exactly is DotNetNuke?"... and the answer can often come out rather technical. Here is an easy set of slides that should help you articulate how DNN has evolved and the stack upon which it resides.

DotNetNuke Tips

DotNetNuke Breadcrumb, how to change the word "Root" to "Home"

By Gifford on 9/21/2015

Ever notice that DotNetNuke shows "Root" in the breadcrumb trail instead of "Home"? Here's how to fix that in 20 seconds (or less)!

DotNetNuke Tips

Mailchimp Sign-Up by Email form for DotNetNuke

By Gifford on 9/21/2015

Want to get MailChimp up and running on your DotNetNuke portal, but can't get the code to work? Here's an easy modification!

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