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We are... first and foremost... a relationship firm... with I.T. solutions.

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Portal Planning

We know what we're doing; but let's get you caught up to speed.

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Portal Implementation

Putting the plan into action is where things start taking off; really fast.

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Portal Execution/Support

Once we are airborne, we stabilize and cruise; keeping you on top.

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  • “Gifford is one of the most unusual people I've met in technology -- in a good way. Here is a guy who grew up a Nova Scotia lobsterman (he's shared lobster recipes with me) and was educated as a minister...and without shedding either of those identities built a serious tech company about as far geographically from Silicon Valley as you can get. He's won the attention of Microsoft and the U.S. Military. And he's always been willing to share his expertise with me. All in all, Giff is a great story.”

    Kevin Maney Newsweek
  • “Few people have the work ethic and dedication to helping clients take control of their information like Gifford. I will continue to work with Gifford and am confident his capabilities will continue to add value to my company. ”

    Peter Hickey Founder, Oris4
  • "Gifford is a great web portal developer, helping us to deliver value to our clients with custom solutions focused on DotNetNuke. It has been a pleasure to bring Gifford onboard for specific DotNetNuke solutions, as his willingness to help is always 100% +"

    Lori Cox CEO, Red Dragon Marketing
  • "Atlantic Webfitters customers have drastically reduced the need for programmers to make changes to their portals, saving many more thousands of dollars each year. The functionality offered by Atlantic Webfitters' suite of module choices, the ease with which they can be implemented and the low cost make the AWF's portal solution very attractive."

    Mike Frenette President, PMI Nova Scotia
  • "Gifford is the kind of business partner you want to have in your Rolodex. I have had the privilege of watching him grow a thriving business built largely on high integrity and unwavering commitment to his clients success."

    Scott Willhite Co-Founder, DotNetNuke Corporation
  • "Gifford is a tireless supporter of DotNetNuke in Canada. He has many clients that are extremely happy with their sites created with DotNetNuke. Gifford has worked hard evangelizing DotNetNuke in his area and started a user group to support others who use the product."

    Brian Scarbeau Founder, Orlando DotNetNuke


IT's important to keep your site current, your visitors rewarded and your search engine rankings nimble.

With a DotNetNuke portal you can easily login, click Edit Text and change text, and update. 

It's that fast. 

We provide everything, the servers, portal software, licenses, support, and training. 

"You have the keys to your house, you have keys for your car... we believe you should also have the keys to your website" ~ Gifford Watkins, Founder

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Gifford Watkins, BSc, MA - Founder

Atlantic Web Fitters is first and foremost, a relationship firm offering boutique DotNetNuke services (DNN conversion, setup, hosting, support) and when you are chosen to become a client, you are put in direct contact with our founder Gifford Watkins.  Gifford is one of two DotNetNuke MVPs in Canada. Initially awarded in 2013, Gifford is part of the elite international team that manages the DNN open source project.

Gifford's philosophy as CEO, is that we are people who find reward by helping others improve their quality of life.  Our commitment to you is grounded in seeking your best and highest good.  Read testimonials and get in touch soon, we are waiting to hear from you.

"Hey there! In Canada call 1-902-800-2321... USA: 1-678-965-9352 and leave a message. we're expecting your call."  ~Gifford


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In this video (below)... Gifford Watkins explains the history and philosophy behind Atlantic Webfitters as well as the importance of relationships within the DotNetNuke open source community. This video interview is 3:33 minutes long.